Dressing ideas for winter

The weather is getting colder and colder. How to keep warm and stylish is really a headache for many fashion girls. Today, I will introduce you some lovely outfits that keep you warm and fashion for the freezing winter.

Down jackets are the most common seen clothes in winter. Many girls do not love the down jacket, they think that the down jackets will completely conceal their good figures. In fact, if you match your jacket with proper clothes, you can still be stylish and fashion. The silhouette of the clothing itself makes people find it difficult to break through the limitations, you can try to use a variety of accessories to balance the bloated sense that the down jacket brings to us.

Everyone does not want to be cumbersomely dressed. In order to resist the colder weather, we have to wear layers of clothes. However, a fur coat will solve everything. Fur coats have very good warm effects, a good fur coat will keep you not only warm but stylish on the freezing winter street! If you do not like too exaggerated effect, you really enjoy the furry touch that fur brings to you, then, you can choose a coat with fur collar. There are so many choices for you. Check http://www.voguequeen.com/fur-coats-i8143/ to find lovely fur products.

Woolen overcoats are also very common seen clothes in winter. The most popular collocation is woolen coat, leggings and boots. If you want to be more stylish, you can add a belt to the coat. If you are looking for woolen coats, you ,may find many newly launched woolen coats at very cheap prices at Modcloth.com.

Hope all of you enjoy this season and find your way of dressing!


Top 3 fur fashion brands

Fashion is demanding and picky, every woman wants to have a very luxurious fur, though perhaps you don’t have that kind of temperament, but influenced by too many books and videos, you can always imagine the elegant feeling that stands high above the others, I’m glad that I don’t have to endure the pain…

Top 1: Prada

When talked about the fur clothes appeared on the autumn/winter 2013 show, we will have o mention the knee-high long coat deduce by Amanda Murphy on 2013 Prada show. The price of this luxury fur coat is confirmed by the official to be $140240. The fur coat caused a lot of turmoil in the fashion circle…Prada has always been a fan of fur, almost every year there are fur garments, we also often see environmental enthusiasts at Prada shows news outside disturbances. For such a luxurious fur we admire! For affordable fur coats, check at http://www.voguequeen.com/black-fur-coat-i8223/


Top 2: Fendi

Fendi 2013 autumn/winter series proves the practicability of fur clothes. Fendi show is a feast to the fur. Lagerfeld showed us extremely lovely handbags, bracelets, belts, boots and sunglasses. Sam McKnight used Mohawks colorful fox fur in the headdress of the models. They perform the concept of nature in the form of a completely artificial show, this seems to reflect the nature of the FF Fendi.(in the 60 s, on behalf of “FF” marks the beginning of Fendi is “Fun Fur”. Later it gradually evolved into the brand’s logo.)


Top 3: Giorgio Armani

Everyone should not be unfamiliar with Giorgio Armani 2013 autumn and winter series fur. Have you seen the red fur coat that Lady Gaga wore in hot august? Giorgio Armani fur series of 2013 autumn winters are very delicate in details, the use of cutting and elegant design style is very good in harmony for an organic whole. Also what have to mention is that Mr Armani pursue precise details, like the sculpture such as tight design a circle above the fold. The rigor and purity can remind people of the style of Rei, there has a lot of work, of course, also reflected the elegant Armani’s unique signature.


Chic and modern fur fashion collection at London

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Concise winter dressing

The winter is coming. To keep warm, we have to wear layer upon layer of clothing. Many girls do not like cockamamie dressing. Some are just very lazy and do not want to waste time on matching clothes, and some love concise apparel. If you love concise way of dressing, you might consider buying a warm and elegant fur coat. You can just wear a close-fit dress and tight leggings inside. No matter you are tall or short, you can try this way of dressing. You don’t have to take too much time to dress up.

Warm-toned colors are very popular in autumn and winter. Earth tones and nude colors are very popular in 2012 autumn and winter, while in 2013 autumn and winter, deep red is quite popular. This brick-red rabbit fur coat is very elegant, you will look very steady-going in this fur coat. The fox fur ornaments add some nifty feelings to the coat.

Collarless With Fox Fur Epaulets Rabbit Fur Coat

H-shape silhouette is very hot in this season, the loose version is easy to make the person become flat and thin on the vision, you can wear tight leggings to match with this kind of coats, so tall and thin you will be. If you are “V” shape figure, you might try this way of dressing.

Slim Fit Turndown Collar Double Breasted Suede Coat

Long overcoat is a must in winter. But if you are dainty and cute, you’d better not try this kind of clothes. Long overcoat is very easy to match. You will find so many long style overcoat on every year’s fashion weeks. It’s stylish and warm.

Double Breasted Long Style Slim Fit Faux Fur Coat

Click at http://www.voguequeen.com/fur-coats-i8143/ and http://popular.ebay.com/clothing-shoes-accessories-/fur-coat.htm to find more fur coats.

Fur coat and woolen sweater, which do you like?

Fur coat and woolen sweater are very common seen winter clothes, Which do you like. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of fur clothes and woolen sweaters that I concluded for you, let’s have a look.


For consumer: the price of a fur coat is far more expensive than that of a woolen sweater. However, let’s just think in this way, a fur coat can be worn for quite few years if you keep it well, but a woolen sweater can’t keep that long. The fur coat is more cost-effective than a woolen sweater in the long run. The after-sales service for fur coats are much complex than woolen sweater, if you have quality or service problem, you can just ask to change for another one, but it’s not that easy for fur coats. The price for a single fur coat is so high that many small fur stores would not have enough inventory for a same fur coat

Bracelet Length Sleeve Rabbit Fur Coat With Raccoon Fur Collar

For merchant: the quality of fur products is much better than that of woolen sweaters, no matter the materials or workmanship. Though the profit of a single fur coat is very high, but the sales volume of fur coats is far below the woolen sweater. In fact, the interest rates for fur coats and woolen sweater are similar. The market for woolen sweater is very complete and stable, in the future time, if no special cases happened (such as financial crisis), it will maintain current status. But for fur, the demand for fur is not very big, and the fur still has very big market space with the development  of economic and the change of consumption. In general: the development and prospect for fur market is wider than that of wool sweater, but due to some defects, the fur industry has many unstable factors.


In a word, fur coat and woolen sweater  each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to see more woolen sweater and fur coats, please click at: http://www.voguequeen.com/fur-coats-i8143/ and http://www.nordicstore.net/icelandic_wool_hand_knitted_sweaters_1273_ctg.htm


4 Hottest Fashion Elements Of Clothes

Rivet, splicing, tassel and fur, these elements can be seen in almost every clothes, they are also favorite things of the women who follow the fashion trend nowadays, with the decoration of these elements, clothes not only obtain a large number of women’s attention, but also significantly increase the diversity of styles and collocations, but how much do you know about these elements?

This unstoppable strong trend is bound to be applied to the design of the clothes. If you like breakthrough, you can choose a clothes with metallic rivet, eagerly anticipates the street fashion, show you handsome aspect. The rivets inlayed in the shoulder of your clothes make the clothes full of charm, girls who like street style must have one. You can find many rivet jackets abd coats at forever 21.


The feature of splicing clothes is large area of eye-catching color combinations. The clothes on the model perfectly deduce the splicing of luxurious leather and fur. The coat is not only full of strong nostalgic feeling but also show thick vintage hippie feelings. It’s very suit for you to go shopping, this coat is very easy to match with as long as the wearing accessories are not too fancy.


Various tassel clothes that can smartly follow the body rhythm to swing when you walk in the street  went back to the sight of people again. Influenced by Bohemia national agitation, tassel power is ubiquitous. Stars and fashion icons put on tassel clothes in unison. Different from the cascading effect of tassel boots which are covered by two or three layers of tassels, boutique tassel clothes having a fit with the host. , tassels swaying the outline, but they deduce different fashions artistically.


Fur elements
Now fur is not only used on clothes, but also boots, gloves, scarves and hats… Fur is everywhere. And this winter the fur designs are more and more younger. Having a fur coat is the dream of every woman. Now, fur is not the patent of aristocratic ladies, more and more fur clothes with  low prices come out, let the young girls could easily buy fur. Many of the girls wear rabbit and fox fur, because its price is low, what’s more the fur is so soft . Very mediocre a garment, as long as decorated with furs, the overall modelling immediately changed. Voguequeen is a very trustworthy online store that sales cheap fur clothes for women, you won’t miss it if you love fur.

Which style is your favorite?

Fur Knowledge Collections

The busy season of fur is coming soon, for many people who are on a budget, purchasing fur online is a very good choice, online purchasing will be a lot cheaper, but you have to be careful, don’t be deceived, to avoid being fooled you have to understand the characteristics of various kinds of fur. I compiled some information about fur, hoping this will help you.

Mink fur, mink fur with good quality is close and lightsome, the table hairs are long and full of unique luster, the villus is rich and soft. Female mink fur is relatively narrow, small and soft, the mink fur coats made from female mink are usually more expensive than male mink. Mink fur is the most expensive fur among all fur products. A good mink fur, if you keep it correctly, will last very long. And the value of a well kept mink fur coat is usually higher than a new mink fur. A good mink fur coat can be regarded as family heirloom.

Fashion Casual Long Style With Turndown Collar Mink Fur Coat

Fox fur, fox fur is one of the most common used fur materials, the hair of good fox fur is fine and plump, full of elasticity and dynamic. Fox fur has a variety of natural colors to choose from, such as silver fox, blue fox, arctic fox, brown fox, red fox, gray fox and so on. For those who love natural colors, fox fur is a very good choice. The fox fur is often used to make collars. Fox fur collars give people the feeling of warm and luxury.

Elegant Round Neckline Collarless Fox Fur Coat

Rabbit fur is very popular among young people. Since rabbit fur is much cheaper than other kinds of fur. With the improvement of dyeing technology, the rabbit fur is stained to different colors, very diversified.  There are three main species: grass hare, rex rabbit and chinchilla rabbit。 Among all these rabbit furs, rex rabbit fur is the most popular.

3/4 Sleeve Round Neckline Rabbit Fur Short Coat

Each kind of fur has its unique characteristic, It’s best only when it fits you. You should refer to your preferences and temperament when you buy fur clothes. At last, may all of you find your beloved fur clothes. You can find many latest fur products at voguequeen, all are fashion designed and very cheap. You can also click http://www.furhatworld.com/fur-coats-jackets-c-90_92.html to find your beloved fur clothes.

White Fur Coat In Women’s Eyes

Sometimes things look very simple in men’s eyes but very different in the woman’s eyes, such as color. Men say this is white, women will complement this: cream white, egg white, cold white, white, cream and beige. The man said it is blue, the woman will replenish the information: this is the sky blue, turquoise, light blue…

White fur is such kind of controversial color for woman, a girl said today that white fur is not good-looking, but tomorrow again she will say white fur is very stylish, the faintly discernible chromatic aberration is the main reason.


Above is an old picture in the 80 s, but I’ve always liked, the natural hair, light make-up and naughty smile of the model are so charming, of course the white fur coat on her is the theme of the picture, this is a mink fur, in accordance with the color it should be white mink or pearl sable, which is cream or beige, of course, the color of the display will affect my judgment.


Let’s guess what kind of material is the white fur coat on the lady made of , perhaps it’s a little difficult, because it is hard to find a clue, I guess it’s the mink originally, but the cuffs of the coat are obviously too soft, it is also possible to rabbit fur, even faux fur. The faux fur in nowadays can almost look the same as the real fur.


No matter how the fashion trends change with the time, white is always a very classic color. If you are an office lady that love fur clothes but worried that it would be too high-profile to wear fur, then white fur coat is a good choice, white always makes people think of pure and elegant temperament, you will be so elegant and gentle in white fur coat.

White fur itself is a masterpiece of design, texture, color and version type are carefully arranged. Do you have a white fur coat in your wardrobe? Take action! Time to buy fur coats. New arrival voguequeen fashion fur clothes, cheap and fashion, good choice for you! Get to know more fur products, you can view at http://www.polyvore.com/fur_coats/shop?query=fur+coats